Welcome to Rivonia Preschool

A Quality Education is the Best Gift You Can Give Your Child

Safe Environment

We prioritise your child’s safety and well-being. Our facilities are secure, and our caring staff provides a nurturing environment.

Experienced Educators

Our qualified, passionate, and experienced teachers create engaging learning experiences tailored to each child’s unique needs and interests.

Holistic Development

We focus attentively on the overall development of each child, nurturing their cognitive, social, emotional, and physical growth.

Learning Through Play

Our curriculum is meticulously designed to encourage curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking skills through engaging interactive activities.

Our Learning Approach

Planting seeds of knowledge and cultivating joy!

Extra Murals

Keep those hearts soaring with boundless joy!

Junior Builders

This helps little ones learn to confidently follow instructions while enhancing their mathematical abilities in a fun way!


To boost gross motor skills, ball activities are seamlessly integrated into our curriculum. Plus, an external coach joins the fun at school.


Dive into splashy fun! Enhance your child’s aquatic skills with swimming lessons provided by our external partner at the school.

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